Episode 13: Serial Entrepreneur – Amy Zander

Amy ZanderToday’s guest: Amy Zander is a self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur (she’s owned 5 businesses) and is the owner of Zeedia Media. Amy is also an avid supporter of the Local Lansing art scene and The Artist Umbrella. Amy started as a business owner in high school, cleaning a few neighbors’ houses. Then in college she wrote and edited papers for students, she and her husband ran a hunting lodge in northern Michigan, they tried to start a brewery in 2008, she briefly owned a cafe and bakery for two years, and then launch Zeedia Media.

“In all the things I’ve ever done, I loved the marketing aspect of the business the best. I’ve finally landed in my niche, and I love it.”

What is Amy Listening to?

“I listen to a lot of podcasts. I am always trying to learn new things and perfect my interview style. I really love Sway, hosted by Kara Swisher from the New York Times. I also really love true crime podcasts. I try to read business books, and people are always recommending really good ones to me – but I read and research so much for my job, that I don’t want to read these types of books in my free time – so I subscribe to a service that gives me the synopsis of a lot of professional books. It’s cheating, but it gives the golden nuggets of info without having to read the whole thing. ”

Amy’s Advice:

“Always remember the 0-100 rule if you are ever experiencing imposter syndrome or self-doubt. Here’s how it works, I’ll use myself as an example. Zero is knowing noting about marketing and 100 is knowing everything there is to know about marketing. Where do I put myself on that scale? Probably around 40 or 50 – I know there is so much more for me to learn. But where would my clients put me on that scale? Much higher – 70 or 80, or maybe higher. Because I know so much more about it than they do. You only have to know a little more than someone else to charge them money for it.”

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