Episode 16: Gratitude Warrior – Kristine Kuhnert

Kristine KuhnertToday’s Guest: Kristine Kuhnert, a gratitude warrior who focuses on the good in the world.

Kristine serves as the Director of Ele’s Place-Capital Region.

Kristine Kuhnert

Kristine and her husband, Scott, strongly believe in the mission that no child shall grieve alone and both had witnessed the effects of unresolved childhood grief.  In December 2014, Scott was killed by a drunk driver returning from their son’s hockey game.  Kristine and her children placed a new hat on and started at Ele’s Place to process their grief.  She is passionate about ensuring that all children receive the necessary services to find peace and lead productive lives.

Kristine went full circle with Ele’s Place.  She began as a financial supporter and volunteer, moved into an employee role, and someone who walked through the program utilizing their peer-to-peer support.  

Listen as Kristine passionately shares how we can handle grief, the vision of Ele’s Place, and learn how you can become involved. 

Grief is the price of love.  When you are grieving and hurting so much, it is because you have loved so much. 

What is Kristine reading?

Becoming Athena- Eight Principles of Enlightened Leadership by Marth Mayhood Mertz

 Kristine’s Advice:

There are 86,400 seconds in a day.  It’s up to you how you are going to use them. 

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