Episode 46 – Mural Artist – Adrienne Gelardi

Today’s Guest: Adrienne Gelardi, Mural Artist and Freelance Painter at Art of Adrianne

Adrienne was a print production artist at a local company before she started painting murals She grew up being influenced by her Michigan surroundings and spent time visiting art fairs and seeing shows in vibrant Southeastern Michigan cities like Plymouth, Ann Arbor, and Detroit. 

Adrienne was so inspired by the vivid liquid watercolors that she picked up painting as a new focus in her life almost immediately. Adrienne has set her sights high above corporate servitude, which is why she said goodbye to her safety net at a large worldwide known company to pursue her dreams. She believes life should be lived passionately, and to her, that means pursuing a career as a full-time painter and illustrator of her own works.  

Art allows us to examine what it means to be human, to voice and express, and to bring people and ideas together, this has been Adrienne’s purpose, by sharing with them what is really the purpose of art to people in times of crisis. 

Adrienne Gelardi What is Adrienne’s reading/listening?

Atomic Habits

Adrienne’s Advice:

Always do something that ends up inspiring you and helping you.

How to Contact Adrienne Gelardi 


Email: ag@artofadrienne.com





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