Episode 63 – Hearts Desire CPR Training – Eboni Morell

Today’s Guest: Eboni Morrell, Owner of Hearts Desire C.P.R Training

Eboni’s goal is to ensure that each individual is confident in their ability to perform high-quality CPR and knows how to respond to medical emergencies without delay. I cater to medical professionals, daycare providers, businesses & anyone interested in learning these lifesaving skills.

Eboni provides Mobile services!!  

Learn from Eboni the value of learning these life-saving practices we need for all areas of our lives!

Eboni Morell

What is Eboni listening to for inspiration? 

Noell Randall is on YouTube and is very inspiring and encouraging!

 Eboni’s Advice

“It’s not easy being a business owner.  Stay the course. Don’t give up. Keep pushing forward!”

 How to Contact Eboni Morell





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