Episode 64 – Tropic Like Its Hot – Allie Pratt

Allie PrattToday’s Guest: Allie Pratt, Founding Creator of Tropic Like its Hot.

Allie Pratt founded the sunless tanning business, Tropic Like its Hot.

There are a few pillars supporting Allie Pratt’s business. She offers clients spray tans as one of her services, and she also sells products to retailers.

Allie Pratt also talks about clean beauty and how loving oneself from the inside is what true beauty is.Allie Pratt

Tune in as Allie takes us from her 5-year-old self to her current status as a successful entrepreneur.

What is Allie doing to stay inspired?

Her reading is meditating every single day.

Allie’s Advice:

Ask yourself “Do I want to do this?” And if you have to do it, express gratitude for having the opportunity to do it. This will transform the energy surrounding all of your work.

How to Contact Allie Pratt

Facebook&Instagram: @tropiclikeitshottanning


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