Episode 81 – Family & Lifestyle Medicine – Dr. Kimberly Azelton

Today’s Guest: Dr. Kimberly Azelton, MD, DipABLM, MPA, and owner of Family & Lifestyle Medicine

Listen as Kimberly takes us to the world of medicine and discusses what lifestyle medicine is really all about!

Kimberly is a double-boarded family and lifestyle medicine physician whose passion is uniting scientifically sound healthcare, education, and spiritual care. 

She completed her medical training at Loma Linda University with a residency in family medicine and a fellowship in Health Services Management at Beacon Health System. 

She completed a Master’s in Public Affairs (MPA) with research in digital health coaching utilizing lifestyle medicine prescriptions. 

Kimberly started a Christian non-profit direct primary care clinic. That’s a membership each month for unlimited visits to the physician, quick access via phone/text, wholesale labs/XR, lifestyle medicine bundle, etc. 

Dr. Kimberly Azelton’s Advice:

Don’t give up hope no matter what. You know you may have given up on yourself for whatever you’re struggling with or whatever is going on. But don’t give up hope. When there’s a will there’s a way for the instant you lose your will, you might have lost your way.

How to Contact Dr. Kimberly Azelton

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