S2E14 – Joyful Juniper Co – Sarah Russell

Today’s Guest: Sarah Russell, Owner of The Joyful Juniper Co. – Corporate & Custom Gifting. 

Sarah is the owner of a gifting company called Joyful Juniper, which was started in March 2021. They provide custom and corporate gifting, with a product called the Juni Box, which is filled with high-quality, often local products. 

Sarah emphasizes the importance of personalization and branding in gifting, to make it a special experience. She sources and vets vendors to ensure that the products in the Juni Box are licensed, and often locally made.

Joyful Juniper also offers custom gift boxes that can be personalized to meet specific needs. Sarah highlights the importance of gifting to show appreciation to lifetime clients in industries such as finance, as well as to large employee bases in the manufacturing industry.

Join us as Sarah shares her valuable insights on the significance of gift-giving that will inspire you to add a personal touch to every occasion. Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity to learn from a seasoned gifting expert!

How to Contact Sarah Rusell at The Joyful Juniper Co.




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