S2E28 – Siyanne Sampson – Miniature Selfies

Today’s Guest: Siyanne Sampson, Owner of Miniature Selfies

Miniature Selfies is a photo booth service that aims to connect her local community through magical photo experiences, creating cherished memories for families and friends. 

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The company offers two different services: the 360 photo booth and the selfie photo booth, both designed with fun packages for everyone to enjoy. The 360 photo booth pictures funny TikTok faces and dances, creating a great experience and a cherished memory for milestone events, both personal and entrepreneurial.

Siyanne has a passion for connecting communities through Miniature Selfies. She strives for perfection in her craft and believes in inspiring others to stay true to their authentic selves, contributing to a brighter world. When she says she’s “Beyonce ready,” it means being confident, poised, and always saying the right things, just like Beyonce does on TV shows and talk shows.

Listen and discover Siyanne’s passion for inspiring others to chase their dreams and stay true to their authentic selves, contributing to a brighter world. And be inspired to capture your own magical moments with Miniature Selfies!

How to Contact Siyanne Sampson

Miniature Selfies Website


Instagram: @miniature.selfies

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