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Allison SpoonerToday’s Guest: Allison Spooner, author and founder of Creative Warrior, a club and community for creatives to support each other, overcome creative blocks and be the best creative versions of themselves.

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From the Creative Warrior YouTube Channel: “If you’re struggling with writer’s block or feel stuck when it comes to writing, let me ask you something; are you prioritizing your health? Your physical health? Your mental health? If you’re not, your creativity will suffer. Find out how your health can impact your creativity and what you can do about it.”

Join us as we talk with Allison about the release of her upcoming novel, The Lost Girl, A Neverland Story. The book is slated to be released on October 3, 2023.

Here is the synopsis of her book from her website: Allison Spooner

“Angela, the great-granddaughter of Peter Pan, is dying.

Doctors have given up hope, but her mother raised on tales of a magical land of eternal youth, is not done fighting. In a desperate attempt to save her thirteen-year-old daughter, she sends a reluctant Angela off toward the second star to the right and straight on till morning.”

We also delve into the genre of flash fiction. Allison has published two collections of flash fiction and teaches writing workshops on how to create short, yet powerful stories in this style.

We also cover the creative process, overcoming writer’s block, the process of marketing and releasing a book via self-publishing, and so much more!

How to Contact Allison Spooner

email: allison@creativewarrior.club





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