S3E7 – Mollie Woods – MSU Product Center

Today’s Guest: Mollie Woods, Director of  MSU Product Center at Michigan State University.

Mollie Woods is the director of the MSU Product Center, a program based at Michigan State University aimed at nurturing food businesses and entrepreneurs in Michigan. 

With her background as an economist, Mollie’s journey into the food industry began in 1997 when she joined Michigan State University as a grad student. Over the years, she transitioned into working extensively in food development and processing, gaining valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities within the industry. Returning to the university in 2020 as the director of the MSU Product Center, Mollie is passionate about supporting food companies across the state and globally. 

The center offers comprehensive assistance, including one-on-one counseling, guidance on navigating food retail regulations, and support for scaling up production. 

Mollie also oversees various initiatives, including the “Making It in Michigan” event on April 24th, alongside the MSU Product Center. Discover how this event offers invaluable opportunities for food entrepreneurs, including educational conferences, workshops, and a trade show featuring Michigan-made products. 

Through her leadership, Mollie strives to empower entrepreneurs and contribute to the growth and innovation of the food industry in Michigan. 

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or an established food producer, Mollie’s expertise and the MSU Product Center’s services can help you navigate the complexities of the industry and achieve your goals. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain valuable insights and take your food business to the next level. Tune in now and start your journey toward success in the food industry! 

Contact the MSU Product Center

MSU Product Center website

Mollie Woods LinkedIn

April 24th event: Making it in Michigan Trade Show


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