S3E10 – Aaron Weiner – MSU Dairy Store

MSU Dairy StoreToday’s Guest: Aaron Weiner, Administrative Manager at MSU Dairy Store

Aaron Weiner began his journey in the restaurant industry at 14, eventually becoming the administrative manager at the MSU Dairy Store after graduating from Michigan State University in 1999. Despite the pandemic, Aaron found his place at the MSU Dairy Store about 2.5 years ago, where he oversees operations and collaborates with university departments.

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Aaron’s passion extends beyond ice cream; he aims to broaden the store’s product range by collaborating with Michigan-based food founders through the MSU Extension’s Product Center. This initiative seeks to introduce a diverse array of food products alongside the beloved ice cream, appealing to a broader audience beyond the campus community.

MSU Dairy Store

In addition to managing daily operations and expanding product offerings, Aaron actively collaborates with MSU departments and community organizations. These partnerships result in unique flavors and promotions that resonate with students and the broader community. He also spearheads initiatives to enhance the MSU Dairy Store’s presence beyond campus, exploring opportunities to distribute products in grocery stores and potentially even shipping ice cream to MSU alumni worldwide.

Beyond its treats, the MSU Dairy Store fosters community engagement through events and outreach activities. Aaron’s dedication to innovation and community engagement drives the store forward, aiming to solidify its position as a beloved institution both on and off campus.

Listen and join Aaron on the journey to solidify the Dairy Store’s position as a beloved institution both on and off campus. Support local businesses and enjoy the taste of Michigan by visiting the MSU Dairy Store today!

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