S3E11 – Skin Studio 211 – Lorin Cumberbatch

Skin Studio 211Today’s Guest: Lorin Cumberbatch, CEO of Skin Studio 211.

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Skin Studio 211 is a beauty spa with locations in Lansing and East Lansing. Her establishment stands out as East Lansing’s only black-owned spa, offering a range of services including facials, lashes, waxing, and retail products for at-home skincare. Skin Studio 211 is renowned for its dedication to providing love and care to the skin, with Lorin and her team earning praise for their exceptional service.

Originally from New York, she embraced Michigan’s peaceful environment and recognized a business opportunity amidst the pandemic-related job challenges. Leveraging her aesthetician license, she overcame setbacks to establish Skin Studio 211.

Fueled by her passion for skincare and beauty, Lorin’s business quickly grew from one room to two thriving locations. Reflecting on her journey, she acknowledges the unexpected success and loyal client support, highlighting perseverance and adaptability. Additionally, she has expanded into skincare product development, offering her line to address local market gaps, especially in areas lacking dedicated aesthetician supply stores.

skin studio 211

Despite her success, Lorin is dedicated to giving back. She volunteers, donates, and strives to create an inclusive space for all clients, especially underserved communities. Her story inspires others to pursue their dreams, and she acknowledges programs like LEAP for helping her navigate business challenges. Lorin values perseverance, learning, and community support. 

Listen as Lorin shares her inspiring journey of entrepreneurship, resilience, and community impact. Join her in supporting underserved communities and aspiring entrepreneurs. 

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