S3E14- Amy Piper- Local Author

Amy PiperToday’s Guest: Amy J. Piper, Ph.D. Writer and Photographer

Amy Piper is a Michigan-based author, blogger, and freelance travel writer. Amy’s journey is one of relentless exploration and promotion of her beloved Midwest, especially her home state of Michigan. With a passion for showcasing the beauty and adventure within her own backyard, Amy’s writing traverses destinations both local and global, all while emphasizing the allure of Michigan.

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From dodging bomb-sniffing dogs on worldwide adventures to championing Lansing-based businesses through her writing, Amy’s experiences are as diverse as they are thrilling. Her dedication to uncovering hidden gems and sharing them with the world is evident in her book “100 Things to Do in Lansing Before You Die,” a testament to her love for her hometown.

Named the certified tourism ambassador by the Choose Lansing group, Amy’s impact extends beyond her writing as she actively engages with local communities and businesses to elevate their presence and draw attention to their unique offerings.

Amy Piper

Amy’s enthusiasm for lifelong learning and uncovering the stories behind destinations shines through as she discusses her latest book, “Secret Michigan: A Guide to the Weird, Wonderful, and Obscure,” which reveals hidden treasures and intriguing tales across the state.

Amy’s dedication to her craft goes beyond pen and paper, as she actively engages with her audience through events, book signings, and social media. Her passion for connecting with local businesses and sharing their stories underscores her commitment to fostering community engagement and appreciation for the richness of Michigan’s culture and attractions.

Listen as Amy uncovers the hidden treasures of Michigan and beyond. Tune in for an adventure-filled exploration of the Midwest’s best-kept secrets.

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