S3E15 – Heather Majano – East Lansing Art Festival

Today’s Guest: Heather Majano, East Lansing Art Festival and Art Initiatives Coordinator. 

Heather Majano is the East Lansing Art Festival and Art Initiatives Coordinator for the city of East Lansing, where she has been organizing events for over 12 years, including the East Lansing Art Festival for four years. Her role involves coordinating various art initiatives in the city, such as the percent for art requirement, acquisition of art through the Public Art Fund, and Cultural Arts Grants with the Arts Commission.

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The East Lansing Art Festival, now in its 61st year, features 175 fine art artists across 18 categories, showcasing emerging talents alongside established names. Heather ensures a gallery-like setting with food courts offering Michigan food truck delights and two full days of performances, including ASL interpretation. From dance acts like ABI Dancers to musical performances by the East Lansing High School Jazz Band, the festival offers diverse entertainment. 

Her journey into organizing art events began with community involvement and eventually led her to coordinate the Art Festival, where she finds joy in connecting with artists and attendees. Heather’s personal artistic preferences lean towards fiber arts, painting, and prints, and she emphasizes community engagement through projects like community indigo dyeing and glass mosaic initiatives. 

Through her dedication and passion, Heather elevates the cultural landscape of East Lansing, fostering artistic expression and community engagement.

Listen as Heather shares her passion for fostering community engagement through the arts. Join us in exploring the renowned East Lansing Art Festival and supporting future cultural endeavors in the city.

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