S3E18 – Dianne Hartwell – Little Blessings Childcare

little blessings childcareToday’s Guest: Dianne (Lewis) Hartwell, Owner of Little Blessings Childcare

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Dianne Hartwell, the dynamic owner of Little Blessings Childcare, has made significant strides in childcare advocacy in the Lansing region. She noticed the ongoing shortages and challenges within the childcare sector and decided to be part of the solution by actively participating in meetings and organizations, aiming to make childcare more affordable and effective. 

Dianne’s journey into this field started in 1991 when she opened Little Blessings while raising her own children. Over the years, her daycare grew from a family-based service to a center with the capacity to serve dozens of children. 

Her commitment to nurturing and educating children is evident in her hands-on approach and the partnerships she has formed with the state and other organizations to support military families and those with economic challenges. Beyond providing childcare, Dianne’s centers connect families with essential resources like local food banks and transportation alternatives. 

little blessings childcare

Dianne’s passion for childcare extends to her personal life, where she has always been involved in youth programs through her church. Her dedication has earned her the affection and respect of the community, and she continues to inspire both parents and children with her unwavering commitment. 

Listen as Dianne Hartwell shares her inspiring journey from dedicated mother to passionate childcare advocate. Discover her mission to transform childcare in Lansing and how she’s making a difference in the community. Don’t miss this heartfelt conversation about advocacy, growth, and positive impact.

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