Episode 28 – Maximization Coach – Chad Hyams

Today’s Guest: Chad Hyams, Myth buster, Author, Speaker, and maximization coach.

Getting inspiration from the mountains and eagles outside his window, Chad penned his recent book titled Achieve your Apex. It’s about getting to the top of the Mountain or food chain. Learn how to climb to the top of your journey!

As a coach, Chad helps others maximize their life to the next level.

Turning through the pages of the book, Chad brings another approach to look at things you have been listening to from others.

Listen as Chad shares his perspective on trusting your gut as well as how his training for fitness translated into writing his book.  He also shares some really great tips if you are aspiring to write a book.

You won’t want to miss your opportunity to order this Amazon bestseller, number one in business management and number one in men’s health, Order a copy of his book today!    Visit achieveyourapex.com and get your copy today.

What is Chad reading?

Chad annually reads The 7 habits of highly effective people.

 Chad’s Advice: 

You have to have confidence in yourself.

 How to Contact Chad Hyams

Website: Achieveyourapex.com

Email: chadhyams@gmail.com


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