Episode 66 – Life Energy Coach – Misty Syts

Today’s Guest: Misty Syts, Certified Life Energy Coach & Course Creator

Misty is a two-time cancer survivor and a certified Life and Energy coach, a speaker, and an author. She is passionate about helping people find their purpose and their passion.  

Misty trained with some of the best coaches and trainers in this field in life coaching, marketing sales, business entrepreneurship, leadership, and personal development. And she has put together techniques to identify and acquire clarity on her client’s objectives and visions, identify their strengths, and cultivate new talents, leadership and leadership, and entrepreneurship. 

She is also writing a book that explores how to connect to our inner strength and confidence and unleash that force.

Tune in as to how Misty did some soul searching until she came to find her path, which is life and energy coaching.

What is Misty reading?

The High 5 Habit by Mel Robbins

Misty’s Advice:

Always look for people that have paved the way, speak and work with them, and learn all you can from them, including shortcuts and obstacles they conquered, in order to avoid having to go through them yourself and eventually reach success.

How to Contact Misty Syts


Facebook and Instagram: @coachmistysyts

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