S2E36 – Jake Darnell – Royal Scot Golf & Bowl

Today’s guest: Jake Darnell, the Bowling Marketing and Promotions Manager at Royal Scot Golf & Bowl

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Jake is a part-time student at CMU working on his Master’s Degree in Sports Management and works full-time at Royal Scot. He manages all bowling-related events, including many tournaments, fundraisers, parties, a youth program, and open bowling.

Jake has been bowling most of his life and learned to love the sport from his dad.

Royal Scot is a Lansing landmark and family-owned business committed to creating memorable experiences for all its customers. From bowling and golf to banquets and one of only two footgolf courses in the US – they provide something for everyone!

Don’t miss Episode 62 where we interview Joanie Kilchermann, the General Manager of Royal Scot.

Join Amy as she talks with Jake about why he decided to pursue a degree in Sports Management, all the things going on at Royal Scot, and what it’s like to work there.

Royal Scot

Check out their Banquet Menu that Jake mentioned HERE.

Check out more information on their events or booking an event at Royal Scot HERE.

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