How to succeed without the leadership you need

Lack of leadership, professionalism, and accountability can hurt employee morale,  interfere with a team’s ability to work together, and ultimately affect the success of your company.

So what do you do when it is your manager/supervisor that is displaying and allowing this behavior?

Recently I had a client come to me that was very concerned about the team for which she works. She loves her job, and her company treats her very well, however behind the scenes there are catty arguments,  displays of inappropriate behavior, favoritism, and a less then equal delegation of the workload.

Team members and supervisors from other departments had attempted and failed to address these concerns with upper management. The belief is that this is a long time family owned company, where many of the employees having been employed for several years, making it difficult for upper management to have the necessary tough conversations with those involved, often creating frustration and a lack of motivation for those that truly want  the company and themselves to succeed.

Well, if you believe in your company, you believe in your work, and you believe in those around you, not all is lost. This is your opportunity to shine,  be the example, and influence others to be great  through peer to peer leadership.

I recommend beginning with the following:

  • Avoid gossip, rumors, and engaging in the inappropriate behaviors and conversations of others
  • Accept the fact that not one person knows everything and encourage everyone to share their wisdom
  • Facilitate conversations with your coworkers and those in other departments, encouraging team work while addressing each other’s needs
  • Challenge each other by setting reasonable goals, and encourage everyone to meet them

Through perseverance, cooperation, professionalism, and genuine care and concern for your company, customers, and co-works you will succeed where others may eventually fail, ultimately designing a new and more acceptable company culture.







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