Episode 47 – Cornerstone Legal – Katrina Hofstetter

Katrina HofstetterToday’s Guest: Katrina Hofstetter, a mom, an Attorney at Law, and Founder of Cornerstone Legal PLLC

Katrina is an attorney that helps people to identify and protect their plans and goals for their families. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience, as well as the passion to use what she’d been blessed with to help others. She also empowers others to make the best decisions for themselves. She really loves building relationships and helping people to change their lives.

Katrina loves to enjoy being able to step in those times and moments where people really need help. She encourages them to do estate planning so that people are not dealing with difficulties with their assets. Her personal experience has become her passion.

Katrina Hofstetter

Helping others not for the reward but for the sake of changing life has been Katrina’s goal, She achieves this by contributing to educating and giving them tips that they can share with other people.

What is Katrina reading/listening to?

Big Enough Company

Katrina’s Advice:

Don’t compare yourself to others. Teach yourself that you don’t have to do everything.

How to Contact Katrina Hofstetter


Email: katrina@cornerstonelegalpllc.com





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