Episode 67 – Nature’s 92 – Deardra Westfall

Deardra WestfallToday’s Guest: Deardra Westfall, Founder of Nature’s 92Deardra is a mid-Michigan native and also the owner of a wild-crafted Sea Moss Company called Nature’s 92. 

Deardra’s products are so mineral-sufficient, that it corrects mineral shortages as well as inflammation, which is the source of all disease and its reaction.

Tune in as Deardra takes us to her spiritual and physical transformation and her journey to starting her own business.

Deardra Westfall

What is Deardra reading for inspiration?

The Bible

Deardra’s Advice:

Health is wealth and we all deserve to be rich. You need to make sure that you take care of your health before it is an issue.

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