S2E39 – Martin Commercial Properties

Today’s Guest: Carson Patten and Samantha Lee; Retail brokers at Martin Commercial Properties

Carson Patten and Samantha Lee are retail brokers at Martin Commercial Properties. Their innovative and energetic strategies are genuine commitment to the mid-Michigan growth, which would set them apart from others.

Martin Commercial Properties is a vertically integrated company that specializes in retail brokerage, property management, investment, sales, corporate services, and property development. Their retail brokerage team focuses on helping tenants secure space, purchasers acquire space, and landlords fill their centers.

The team believes that establishing retail and entertainment options that appeal to millennials and younger generations is one way to retain the young workforce in mid-Michigan. They point to the Red Cedar development, a 1500-unit community consisting of student housing, senior living, hotels, restaurants, and more, as an example of how new development can attract young people to the area.

Listen as Carson and Samantha share more insights on how their company is working to attract young talent, foster economic development, and bring new retailers to mid-Michigan! 

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