Episode 31 – Behind the Mic – Hammond Chamberlain

Hammond ChamberlainToday’s Guest: Hammond Chamberlain, the man behind the mic and the audio, always working his magic!

Hammond is a Digital Content Producer. Self Employed Freelance Audio Editing and Production. Podcast Host, Mentor, and Consultant.

Hammond started his career in podcasting as a guest on Retro Movie Week in 2013 and caught the bug!

With over 600 interviews in his repertoire, he continues to share his and other people’s stories on the air. He has a passion for talking to people and has used it to his advantage over the careers he has. 

Hammond Chamberlain

Listen to Hammond shares bits and pieces of his experience and knowledge as a podcaster.

What is Hammond reading? 

Nothing but a Good Time- a history of the 80’s rock bands.

 Hammonds’s Advice on turning a passion into a career:

You gotta make sure you love it! 

 How to Contact Hammond Chamberlain

Email: hammond.chamberlain@gmail.com


Twitter:  JHammondC

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