S3E13 – Tim Palmer – Comedian

Today’s Guest: Tim Palmer, Founder of A Lot More Fun Comedy Club

Tim Palmer is a multifaceted individual known for his roles as a comedian, pastor, and founder of A Lot More Fun Comedy Club, situated in downtown Lansing. 

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Tim’s journey into comedy and the establishment of the club stemmed from a desire to provide a space for clean comedy, free from the often vulgar tones of mainstream comedy clubs. Operating from the basement of Christ Community Church, Tim and his team bring in comedians from across the Midwest, curating an environment where families can enjoy laughter together without worry. 

Tim’s knack for comedy was honed during his time as a pastor, where he seamlessly blended humor into his messages, creating a welcoming atmosphere for all attendees. 

Beyond the comedy club, Tim performs stand-up at various venues, spreading laughter wherever he goes. With a focus on clean comedy and a mission to unite people through laughter, Tim’s journey reflects a dedication to fostering joy and connection within his community.

Join us as we explore Tim’s comedic adventures and his mission to spread joy through laughter. 

Tim Palmer

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